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The most up-to-date and most powerful manufacturer of concrete products in the Baltic states!

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We offer a wide range of paving stones – ranging from the economic paving stones Prizma 5 to the exclusive paving stones with marble chippings.

Our paving stones are produced from ecological raw materials available in the Baltic States. The favorable prices and the wide product range enables the cooperation with large project developers, architects, municipalities as well as private customers.

About us

“Brikers Latvija” Ltd. has been a part of the Baltic market since 2008, when our first paving stone factory was opened. Professional industrial equipment made in Germany is used in all the production units, allowing us to produce large amounts of paving stones, road and sidewalk kerbs, landsacping elements and other concrete products of high-precision and density. Thanks to ambitions and hard work, the company have reached very high sales volumes, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of concrete paving stones and kerbs in the Baltic States.

Most important events of the company:
2007 – “Brikers Latvija” is established
2008 – the paving stone factory in Dobele is opened; this factory is still the most powerful manufacturer of paving stones in Latvia

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Great prices for Lego blocks


With the beginning of spring season “Brikers Latvija” Ltd. is offering concrete Lego blocks in the warehouse in Liepāja for very good prices. Lego blocks, known also as supporting walls or dividing walls, are usually used in agriculture (e.g. for grain storage), in large factories and ports. Should you have any further questions, please contact us […]