Paving stones23.01.2019

Various paving ornaments help to create an attractive landscape and make the environment more vivid. They embellish and complete the general composition of the construction and the landscape. What’s more, they can be successfully used when correcting a variety of design errors – space that is optically narrow can be made wider and vice versa. Interesting […]



Our pavings have become an integral part of every pavement site; most frequently clients choose gray colour. The colored pavings are available in five different colours – red, brown, yellow, black and white with a washed surface. When combining gray and coloured paving types, usually a gray sidewalk is chosen; when ordering coloured paving stones, the sidewalks are […]


Garden blocks Flora01.02.2019

The usual colours for concrete garden blocks are grey, red, brown and black. They can be easily combined, threby creating compositions of different shapes. One of the main uses of garden blocks is to reinforce the steep slopes or walls; it is achieved by filling the blocks with earth and thereby creating a solid and strong connection. […]