New products

New in the Latvian market!

Victorian – a hexagonal pavement with unlimited colors and surface treatment options, for a modern and different overall image of the yard. Suitable for walkways, courtyards and paths.

Talisman 3D – a diamond-shaped pavement with which you can create three-dimensional gorgeous patterns. Available in all basic colors – gray, olive, brown, red and black. Suitable for walkways, courtyards and paths.

Bermuda – a triangular cobblestone, which can be ordered in any color and finish, will make your yard unique and special. This pavement is suitable not only for yard paths, but also for parking lots and the roadway.

This year we have expanded our Colormix line so that everyone can choose the right color scheme. Colormix finish is possible for any shape of pavement, however, it looks most effective on large shaped pavement like Dekor 600, Plate 7 and Dekor 300 plus. All types of Colormix (Mercury, Copper, Amber, Bronze, Silver, Quartz, Cobalt, Cripton, Lava and Neon) can be seen on site at our exposition at 9a Katlakalna Street, Riga.

We have created a new pavement line – Brikers Signature. The pavement of this special line is made of exclusive materials such as Italian marble, volcanic basalt and Mediterranean rocks. The following topcoat types are available in the Brikers Signature line – White pearl, Black pearl, White marble, Black marble, Onix, Coral and Granite. Samples of this line are also available at our production stand at 9a Katlakalna Street, Riga.

For more information about our products and opportunities, see our price list or contact our sales specialists – or t. +371 67134907