Trends in Paving Selection

Are you planning to clean up your yard and entrance road, but don’t know how to choose a suitable pavement?

We’ve compiled trends for 2019 that will help you make your choice.


Before turning to the top 3 paving and landscaping trends, we remind you that choosing a pavement is a serious decision, as it is a part of the landscape that is not changed every year, so its choice should be approached with great attention. When choosing a pavement, you need to think not only about the color and visual appearance of the pavement, but also about the bearing capacity, shape, and finish characteristics. Therefore, before buying a cobble and start work, we recommend that you consult with industry experts.

  • Closer to nature. Recently, more and more people have chosen a pavement that is close to the look of a natural stone in terms of texture and tone. To create this effect, we recommend that you choose a retro cobblestone – a specially crafted cobblestone, which creates an ancient cobblestone effect, so it is very organic in the surrounding environment. Also when choosing a cobblestone shade, landscape designers recommend choosing naturally occurring stone colors like brown, gray, red or Colormix.
  • Easy to care for. Since everything is turning around time, which always seems to be not enough, it is only fair that one of the trends of 2019 is a pavement that is easy to maintain. The more rounded the edges of the cobblestone, the more grass will grow between them, requiring additional work in maintenance. That’s why the experts recommend choosing a cobblestone with straight lines that fit each other, thus greatly facilitating cobblestone care and creating a modern look.
  • Scandinavian chic. For several years now, the popular Scandinavian chic has continued its victory, conquering our home yards. Straight lines, large plates, gray and white tones will perfectly match modern housing.

But if none of these new trends talk to you, remember, the classic will never disappear, and you can always choose a rectangular gray pavement that is still relevant, or consult a landscape architect and find the best solution for your home.