Dekor Field C Size: 240x160x60 mm

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Paving stones Dekor Field can be used:
  • For pedestrian pathways
  • In parks
  • In sports fields
  • In schools and kindergartens
  • On roadways
  • In parkings lots
  • In squares
  • In promenades

Dekor Field is a classic rectangular paving stone. Since it does not have a phase it is perfect for bicycle paths, walkways and places where a comfortable movement of transport is required. This type of pavement provides a smooth covering.

The traditional colour of paving stones is gray, but six additional colours are offered to the customers. It is also possible to blend a specific colour tone.
Stepwise lining
Stepwise lining of two different-sized paving stones
Double lining
Variations of double lining
Crosswise lining
Dimensions 240x160x60mm
Units on a pallet 300
m2 on a pallet 11,52
Gross weight kg 1548