Prizma 5 Size: 200x100x50 mm

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Prizma 5 can be used:
  • For pedestrian pathways
  • In parks
  • In house yards
  • In schools and kindergartens

Prizma is the classic rectangular paving stone. These are the most popular paving stones in Latvia. Prizma is the most economical solution for covering large areas. Prizma is characterized by modesty and the purity of shape. Four different thickness levels are available for the paving stones Prizma. Stones of 5 cm are considered as a cost-effective solution for covering areas with a medium and small load capacity.

The traditional colour of paving stones is gray, but six additional colours are offered to the customers. It is also possible to blend a specific colour tone.
Washed surface
Stone texture
Extra bright color
Dimensions (mm) 200x100x50
m2 on the pallete 14,04/13,20
Brutto weight kg 1544/1452