Tactile paving stones 6 Size: 200x100x60 mm

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Tactile paving stones (dots and stripes) are used as a specific coverage, warning people with visual impairments about the zone where the pavement meets the roadway.

Sidewalks – sidewalk edges are recommended to be contrasting or having a pattern to thereby indicate that the sidewalk is meeting the roadway. In places where it is not possible, the edges of the sidewalsk are created to be in contrast with the roadway. In areas with wide sidewalks, or if there are no other natural landmarks, a tactile guideline is embedded in the pavement.
Public parks – Pedestrian sidewalks must have anti-slip surfaces, which should be maintained in good condition. Steps must be marked in yellow or another bright, contrasting color. A warning sign must be placed before changing levels and steps (60 cm in width).
Street crossings – Pedestrian crossings should be marked with a different pattern in a contrasting tone on all sides. On the sides of the sidewalk that have rapid changes in the level, paving stones with a cautionary different pattern are used to inform the visually impaired about changes in the level and the nearby roadway. Before and after the pedestrian crossing, paving stones with a different pattern should be used to inform the visually impaired on the beginning/end of the pedestrian crossing.
Public transportthe city must ensure a common design for all public transport stops, with contrasting markings on the borders of the stops, and with a different pattern cover for boarding place towards the front door of the vehicle. Information on the planning of the station/terminal and services should be available in braille on a tactile stand up to which a band of different pattern in a contrasting colour is leading.

Stepwise lining
Herringbone lining
Double lining
Dimensions 200x100x60mm
Units on a pallet 594
m2 on a pallet 12
Gross weight kg 1604
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